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AC & DC Gearmotors

We stock a range of both AC and DC geared motors at very competitive prices. These include Worm Gear Motors, Parallel Shaft Gearmotors, Planetary Geared Motors and Linear Actuators. Applications include Motion, Automation, Robotics, Winches, Truck, Dolly, etc. All ratings are for Continuous operation and construction is robust with high quality ball and roller bearings throughout the motor and gearbox. Drawings and technical details are available for download.

AC Gearmotors - Single Phase 240VAC 50 Hz AC Geared Induction Motors
DC Precision Geared Motors - Parallel Shaft 10 to 300 Watt DC Geared Motors DC Geared Motor
Right-Angle Drive Worm and Spur DC Gearmotors Worm Gear Motor Door Motor
Planetary DC Gearmotors Planetary Geared Motors
Linear Actuators Linear Actuator