TFT Video Module - CMOS Camera Module

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TFT LCD Modules - 5 inch Colour High Quality OEM Module

LCD TFT Module and R/C

These LCD TFT colour modules are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) modules and require mounting in a panel/console/box/dashboard etc. Apart from that, all that's required to be fully operational is 12 volts DC and a standard 1 volt Peak to Peak composite video signal.

Picture of Module folded out

Some potential uses are:

TFTM5X Parameters / Features:

AUD $169.00

Environmental Parameters:

Operating Temp. -20°C to 60°C @ Relative Humidity 5 to 95% 
Storage Temp. -25 to 70°C @ R. H ... 0 to 95%

W 120mm x H 91mm x D 22mm (overall)
Viewing Area ... 116mm x 78mm

Mounting and Further Detail:

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A rectangular cut-out of approximately 110mm x 80mm is required in any panel through which the screen is viewed. The main circuit board is only temporarily attached to the screen via adhesive pads and can be separated easily so be careful. A small control panel circuit board (CPCB), which also has the infrared remote control receiving sensor on it, needs to be accommodated somewhere in the mounting scheme. The switches on the CPCB can be used in the absence of the remote control for some functions.

Camera Module - Versatile miniature Colour CMOS camera module

CMOS camera module

These colour CMOS camera modules are ready to go and only need a 12 volt supply and to be mounted into something. The lens is factory set for general use but is adjustable to give sharp focus and magnification suitable for inspection of small objects. Output is a standard PAL composite colour video signal.

AUD $49.00


Some of the many uses are:

*Note: It is usual for reversing systems to produce a mirror image on the screen to replicate a rear-view mirror image. These modules do not have reversible scan however, our 5 inch TFT colour monitor modules do. So, if you want to use this camera module in a reversing system, make sure the image is reversible on your monitor - such as the one we supply.

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