About Crest

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Crest Manufacturing Industries was established in 1997 and is the result of a transmogrification from its original form as "CMI (Computer Medical Industrial) Electronics". CMI Electronics began life in 1986 as an electronics service business specialising in electronic medical and industrial equipment.

Demand for specialised, non-standard instruments and automation machinery became a compelling opportunity for the owners who oversaw a shift from service based activity into design and manufacture. This led to the discovery that obtaining parts for prototyping was not only very difficult, but often very expensive for smaller projects with limited budgets. Anyone who has attempted to invent or build something requiring anything other than that which could be bought from a hardware store will be acutely aware of the difficulties and cost of securing supplies.

With an emphasis on on-line supplying components for automation, robotics, mechatronic and power transmission, we import and/or manufacture various electronic and mechanical parts, sub-assemblies and equipment used in industry, domestic and hobby applications at the lowest prices possible. This is achieved by maintaining the lowest possible overheads and in tandem with simple, information-rich, no-nonsense online purchasing, large savings can be passed on to you.

Our aim is that this site provides as much detail as possible to facilitate easy evaluation of the product's suitability to the intended purpose. Technical information is available from the site however; technical enquiries are welcome and will be answered promptly.

We are constantly adding to our range of products and welcome any suggestions from you regarding specific items that are difficult and/or expensive to obtain. This may especially benefit manufacturers and prototype developers. Scheduled vendor supply orders are welcome whereby you let us know your anticipated stock requirements and we endeavour to maintain an uninterrupted supply of stock on your behalf.

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